Who Is On I Bonds

Different denomination I-Bonds each carry the portrait of a distinguished person from history. The following people are featured on the I-Bond:

$50 I-Bond features Helen Keller who was an author and advocate for people with disabilities. She was responsible for Braille becoming the standard for printed communications for the blind.

$75 I-Bond features Dr. Hector P. Garcia who was a leading advocate for Mexican-American veterans’ rights. he was an activist in Latino civil rights movement and the founder of the American G.I. Forum.

$100 I-Bond features Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was a prominent civil rights leader. He also was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

$200 I-Bond features Chief Joseph who was the Nez Perce Native American Chief.

$500 I-Bond features General George C. Marshall who was the US Army Chief of Staff during World War II. he also held the offices of Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

$1,000 I-Bond features Albert Einstein who is the author of the Theory of Relativity. He also was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics.

$5,000 I-Bond features Marian Anderson who was a World-renowned vocalist (contralto)and the first African-American to sing with the Metropolitan Opera.

$10,000 I-Bond features Spark Matsunaga who was a U.S. Senator and Congressman. He was a World War II hero and fought to obtained redress for survivors of World War II internment camps.